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Horse & Small Pet Food in San Bernardino, California

Keep your horses healthy, happy, and nutritionally balanced with the line of horse food we carry at All Pet Feed & Tack in San Bernardino, California. Small pet food is also available.
Star Milling™ Horse Food
Our horse feeds provide nutritionally balanced meals for horses of all ages, exercise levels, and health conditions. You won't need to adjust or experiment with various types of feeds when you use Star Milling products. Our feeds are scientifically balanced and are sure to fit the needs of your horse.

Star Milling Company and its brands have been distinguished by the quality and safety of its animal feed products
Female Horse - Pet Food Store and Supplies in San Bernardino, CA
Star Milling is a family-owned animal feed manufacturer, producing at the same location for more than 40 years.

Star Milling and the other horse feed we provide are nutritionally and scientifically balanced for horses of all ages and health conditions. We offer the finest grains and natural products to ensure the health and long life of your four-legged friend, and our brands do not contain hormones or medications.
Fish in a bowl - Pet Food Store and Supplies in San Bernardino, CA
Small Pet Foods
Shop with us for high-quality food for your fish, poultry, cats, and other small pets. Our pet food provides proper nourishment and egg production for your poultry, and we carry a variety of diets for fish that are formulated by nutritionists to ensure your fish enjoy a healthy, balanced diet.

The small pet food we offer contains the appropriate levels of protein, fat, fiber, minerals, and vitamins to ensure a healthy, long life. Trust in us to give you exactly what your animals need.