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Testimonials in San Bernardino, California

"My wife , little girl and i went in today for dog food for my 3 dogs and the service we received was amazing. We are looking forward for our next visit and it's nice to support our local stores in san bernardino."

- Kenny O.
"I have been going there for years and the staff is helpful friendly and I never have to load all the 50 lb bags in my car. The prices are good. The owner is the nicest guy. Also they will inform you on any pet or livestock subject if you have any questions. Great Place!"

- Cynthia Y.
"Knowledgeable staff reasonable prices Fresh Products to go to place for pet supplies."

- Ibenhana
"love this place. you can find real good food for dog, that Petsmart/Petco do not sell."

- Oner M.
"I came here BECAUSE of the reviews and I'm so happy I did! These are the most friendly, informative people I've ever encountered at a pet/feed store. So helpful with assisting me with my chicken care. They also saved me money by recommending larger bag of the product I was buying. AND they were soooo nice to my child! Family friendly and super knowledgeable!"

- Michelle A.
"Great prices, quality product!"

- Dustin S.
"Extra Friendly Staff. I have been going here over two years for my dog and cat food supplies (food, treats, shots, flee supplies etc). I have tried other feed stores and I have to say this one has employee's that have the knowledge and experience to assist you to make a knowledgeable decision. I have had one mild experience with an employee but that didn't keep me away."

- Maria 909
"This is a great feed store! The owner and staff are very helpful. They helped me pick a food/water dispenser that was just right for my chickens, told me about their specials, and even carried everything out to my car! This is my new feed store!!"

- Anonymous